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The Yaqui War, initiated in 1884 by the Porfirian administration, which sought possession of the indigenous territory in order to initiate a colonization project with foreign immigrants, lasted until the first decade of the 20th century. After the death of the two main indigenous leaders José María Leyva alías Cajeme (1887) and Juan Maldonado Waswechia alías Tetabiate (1901) who opposed the colonizing project, the indigenous resistance struggle was transformed into a guerrilla war when the regular war was abandoned by the political and military successor Juan José Sibalaume, who maintained the struggle for territoriality, political autonomy and self-development, based on the observance of the Yaqui law.[2] In 1906, the indigenous rebellious network was transformed into a guerrilla war by the political and military successor Juan José Sibalaume.

By 1906 the indigenous rebel network was strengthened and not only constituted a military support to the indigenous resistance, but also strengthened the sense of ethnic belonging. Their identity acquired new values that reproduced a new Yaqui culture that cemented the insurgence of a new migrant way of life. We can speak of the reproduction of a new cultural resistance that was maintained throughout the state of Sonora and in the border cities of Arizona.

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Meanings of water for the indigenous community fakcha llakta https://www.scielo.br ‘ asoc

The fortunate recipients of the vast majority of the Tablets collected here were the early believers of East and West, whether individuals, groups, or organized committees or Assemblies of the friends, and their value to the nascent communities of the West in those days when Bahá’í literature in English was so meager cannot even be imagined.

We believe that the publication of these writings of the Master will serve to heighten the fervor of His lovers to respond to His call, and will add to their perception of that wonderful harmony of the human and the divine which He, the Mystery of God, exemplified so perfectly.

O peoples of the world! The Sun of Truth has appeared to illumine the whole earth, and to spiritualize the community of man. Praiseworthy are its results and its fruits, abundant are the holy evidences which proceed from this grace. This is pure mercy and the most immaculate generosity; it is light to the world and all its peoples; it is harmony and fellowship, and love and solidarity; indeed, it is compassion and unity and the end of separation; it is to be united, in full dignity and freedom, with all on earth.

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Apasionado de la historia, la literatura y los viajes, he sido profesor, librero, editor, documentalista, entre otras muchas ocupaciones. Pero, sobre todo, me he pasado la vida escribiendo novelas y contemplando el mundo a través de los libros, hasta que me di cuenta de que la verdadera aventura está en la carretera. Ahora viajo en mi autocaravana, Lagartija, y sigo escribiendo todo lo que puedo. También soy responsable del Bloc de Fran, un blog especializado en novela histórica y de aventuras y en libros de viajes donde puedes encontrar cosas nuevas e interesantes para leer y estar al tanto de lo que ocurre en este apasionante mundo de los libros.

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The purpose of the research was to study the knowledge, beliefs and ancestral practices of the Wayuu indigenous communities of La Guajira in Colombia on the subject of water and how they handle and manage the resource for their sustainability. The work was developed within the project co-financed by Colciencias guidelines for coastal and marine territorial planning in the department of La Guajira. The type of research is historical, documentary and explanatory. The interview was used as an instrument to collect information, which is composed of open and semi-structured questions. The questions were grouped into components in order to facilitate their descriptive analysis. The results show that ancestral water management practices are dependent on the presence or absence of water. This means that in areas with greater water availability, communities have different behaviors and customs in terms of administration, conservation and good use of the resource, compared to areas with water scarcity.

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